Quick Guide to The Signs
Symbol: Ram; Meaning: to initiate; Ruler/s: Mars; Element: Fire; Quality: Cardinal; Polarity: Positive; Colour: Red; Parts of the body: head, brain, eyes, adrenal glands
Keywords: Assertive, Wilful, Independent, Self-centred, Enthusiastic, Impatient, Honest, Reckless, Combative, Argumentative, Energetic, Decisive, Domineering, Passionate
Aries individuals are willing to face challenges head-on.  They are competitive, have loads of energy and enthusiasm, and they are headstrong, forceful and courageous.  This can help them to produce impressive results and can drive them to the top of their chosen career.  Although they do have to watch out for a tendency to go full-throttle like unguided missiles.  Negative traits can include a lack of patience, and lack of consideration.  Aries people can forget to be cautious so they should have some kind of action plan in place before they rush headlong into something new.
Symbol: Bull; Meaning: to nourish; Ruler/s: Venus; Element: Earth; Quality: Fixed; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Green; Parts of the body: Neck, throat, larynx, vocal chords, thyroid; Keywords: Steadfast, Patient, Stable, Methodical, Deliberate, Stubborn, Productive, Passive, Restrained, Affectionate, Possessive, Sensuous, Self-indulgent, Generous, Grasping
Taureans tend to approach things slowly.  They are not the types to rush in, preferring to be cautious and thorough and to not leave things to chance.  They can have powerful and lusty instincts but these settle down in a stable environment in which they display tenderness and loyalty to their loved ones. The only downside of that is that once they find that stable environment they don't want things to change.
Taureans enjoy the physical pleasures in life and can teach others a lot about the wonders of the senses.
Symbol: Twins; Meaning: to understand; Ruler/s: Mercury; Element: Air; Quality: Mutable; Polarity: Positive; Colour: Yellow; Parts of the body: Shoulders, arms, hands, respiratory system, thymus; Keywords: Versatile, Curious, Shallow, Stimulating, Communicative, Restless, Sociable, Quick-witted, Fickle, Dexterous, Ingenious, Diffusive, Inconsistent, Chatty, Artful, Flippant
Gemini people can come across as being a bit like Jeckyll and Hyde, chatty and sociable one day and sullen and moody the next.  They can almost be described as having a split personality.  They are free spirits who struggle to cope with the heavy demands of the world around them.  They deal with it by talking and staying on the move to try to preserve an ever-changing environment.  They are adaptable, inquisitive and versatile and need to avoid boredom by jumping from one challenge to the next.
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