Quick Guide to The Signs
Symbol: Crab; Meaning: to protect; Ruler/s: Moon; Element: Water; Quality: Cardinal; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Silver; Parts of the body: Breasts, chest, alimentary and disestive system, sternum; Keywords: Protective, Tenacious, Imaginative, Sensitive, Nostalgic, Tough, Clannish, Touchy, Clinging, Possessive, Shrewd, Caring, Manipulative, Intuitive, Devious, Fearful, Dependent
Like the crab, Cancerians develop a tough outer shell to protect the sensitive areas underneath.  They can be the most defensive of all the signs due to their sensitive and emotional nature.  Cancer is the first of the Water signs and they have high levels of intuition that make them very sensitive to moods and emotions of those around them.  Cancerians develop strong emotional ties with family, friends, and sometimes possesions.  They also have a strong urge to nurture and protect their loved ones but they have to avoid a tendency to withdraw and become defensive when they are feeling insecure.
Symbol: Lion; Meaning: to radiate; Ruler/s: Sun; Element: Fire; Quality: Fixed; Polarity: Positive; Colour: Gold; Parts of the body: Heart, upper back, spleen, spinal cord, aorta; Keywords: Self-assured, Sincere, Generous, Optimistic, Constant, Dignified, Spontaneous, Arrogant, Intolerant, Sloppy, Demonstrative, Domineering, Self-obsessed, Pompous, Lazy, Autocratic
Of all the signs in the zodiac, Leos could be considered those who come the closest to being referred to as royalty.  They can be autocratic and have a tendency to lord it over others when they allow their natural instincts to come to the fore.  They have pride, dignity, courage and can rise to challenges easily simply because they believe that they can do it.  Leos like to have an audience and those who show their admiration are rewarded with Leonine loyalty, those who don't admire a Leo receive a dose of arrogance and spite.  This can change when Leos realise that admiration needs to be earned.
Symbol: Virgin; Meaning: to discriminate; Ruler/s: Mercury; Element: Earth; Quality: Mutable; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Brown; Parts of the body: Intestines, abdomen, lower dorsal nerves; Keywords: Discerning, Efficient, Observant, Conscientious, Modest, Precise, Analytical, Dependable, Orderly, Critical, Anxious, Pedantic, Fussy, Undemonstrative, Puritanical, Narrow-minded
Virgo is the only female sign in the zodiac but rather than representing a 'virgin', the sign represents a free woman who answers to nobody.  Virgos can be focussed on doing what they consider to be 'right' and can struggle between the accepted way or the 'right way'.  They have an immense capacity for digesting information in order to make themselves and the world more efficient and effective.  Their obsession with getting things right can lead them in the wrong direction at times and they have to slip into conformity instead.  The negative aspect to this is that it can bring out self-righteousness.
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