Quick Guide to The Signs
Symbol: Scales; Meaning: to balance; Ruler/s: Venus; Element: Air; Quality: Cardinal; Polarity: Positive; Colour: All pastels; Parts of the body: Lumbar region, buttocks, kidneys, endocrine system; Keywords: Congenial, Diplomatic, Co-operative, Perfectionist, Charming, Romantic, Fair-minded, Sociable, Aesthetic, Insincere, Indecisive, Dishonest, Frivolous, Indolent, Vain
The symbol of Libra implies that this sign is the sign of justice and fair play.  Real life doesn't always play along with those ideals, and Librans can become torn between the desire to please themselves and the need for approval from others.  This means that they can spend a lot of time simply sitting on the fence devising strategies.  Librans can become paralysed by indecision and can blame others for their failings.  They are known to have a tendency towards insincere charm, when they are most likely just trying to keep everyone happy.
Symbol: Scorpion; Meaning: to transform; Ruler/s: Pluto, Mars; Element: Water; Quality: Fixed; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Maroon; Parts of the body: Sex organs, anus, genito-urinary system, prostate gland; Keywords: Profound, Penetrating, Imaginative, Subtle, Fearless, Deep, Loyal, Healing, Self-destructive, Jealous, Suspicious, Vindictive, Resentful, Controlling, Secretive
Driven and intense, Scorpio individuals face life with total commitment or not at all.  They are deep and secretive, and have a need to immerse themselves in all that they do.  Their immediate environment is in danger of being too controlled due to a Scorpio fear of falling victim to other people's ambitions.  The passionate and manipulative chase of a Scorpio is quite often followed by icy withdrawal, and can develop into an obsession with sex and power.  Challenging life experiences can force a Scorpio to look inside and find the answer to their needs.
Symbol: Centaur; Meaning: to give meaning; Ruler/s: Jupiter; Element: Fire; Quality: Mutable; Polarity: Positive; Colour: Purple, deep blue; Parts of the body: Hips, thighs, pelvis, sacrum, hepatic system; Keywords: Adventurous, Philosophical, Expansive, Utopian, Aspirational, Wise, Generous, Outspoken, Tactless, Boastful, Moralistic, Inconsiderate, Undisciplined, Unrealistic, Unreliable
This sign has a dual nature - one half represents reason, while the other half represents instinctual passion.  The conflict arises due to the symbol of the Centaur and the Sagittarian faces the dilemma of whether to be ruled by the head of the man or the rear end of the horse.  Sagittarians have a love of freedom and don't like to conform to the niceties of social convention.  They have a tendency to promote a 'do as I say, not as I do' attitude and this can make them appear to be hypocritical.
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