Quick Guide to The Signs
Symbol: Mountain Goat; Meaning: to achieve; Ruler/s: Saturn; Element: Earth; Quality: Cardinal; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Dark grey, black; Parts of the body: Skeletal system, knees, skin; Keywords: Patient, Perservering, Enterprising, Industrious, Constructive, Ambitious, Organised, Faithful, Conventional, Calculating, Dictatorial, Pessimistic, Miserly, Cold
Determination to succeed and a certain amount of materialism, are things that drive Capricorns to achieve their goals.  They believe that success needs forward planning, organisation, hard work, and the right contacts.  They have a tendency to place value on people according to position or money, and this gives them a reputation as being something of a social climber.  They have to try to keep the big picture in sight rather than working towards their own ends.   
Symbol: Water Bearer; Meaning: to illuminate; Ruler/s: Uranus, Saturn; Element: Air; Quality: Fixed; Polarity: Positive; Colour: Electric blue; Parts of the body: Lower legs, ankles, circulatory system; Keywords: Sociable, Communicative, Altruistic, Progressive, Independent, Rational, Detached, Eccentric, Dogmatic, Impractical, Wilful, Erratic, Cranky, Unprincipled
An altruistic streak is what gives Aquarians their readiness to listen and offer advice or assistance to others.  Unfortunately, they don't understand the deeper emotions that most of us have to deal with on a regular basis and this can make them seem aloof and detached.  Their approach to life can work well they are no less immune than anyone else when it comes to putting their own interests first.  They need to reconcile their individualism with the needs of others and societal expectations in order to become enlightened.
Symbol: Two fish; Meaning: to transcend; Ruler/s: Neptune, Jupiter; Element: Water; Quality: Mutable; Polarity: Negative; Colour: Aquamarine; Parts of the body: Feet, toes, lymphatic system, pituitary gland; Keywords: Sensitive, Receptive, Compassionate, Imaginative, Self-sacrificing, Impressionable, Passive, Slippery, Escapist, Acquiescent, Confused, Over-emotional
Pisceans have long been thought of as the dreamers, struggling between their inner fantasy life and the harsh reality of the world around them.  This is the most compassionate, sensitive, and sometimes manipulative, of all the signs and they have to guard against becoming confused and vulnerable.  Pisceans can blend into their surroundings and this makes them adept at performing.  They are very creative and this can transform into seemingly endless possibilities.  They need to be clear about their motives and to avoid self-deception.
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